Property Services Overview

Property Management

We purposefully and expertly embrace both the routine as well as more unpredictable issues that Property Management brings with the end result being a Landlord and Tenant who are each confident that the property is looked after in a professional and efficient manner.

The landlord has their valuable asset maintained and protected and the tenant has a comfortable functioning home which ensures the longevity of tenancy and a sense of trust and understanding between both parties is fostered.

Our experience and foresight in Property Management ensure we can plan and serve you across the spectrum from pre-tenancy, occupied tenancy, and during vacant voids.

Our phones are on 24/7/365 and are never delegated to an out of hours answering service. This way we have a complete and full understanding of any reported issue and can update the Landlord and Tenant appropriately first hand.

See below, a snapshot of the services this can entail. Note that we only work with trusted and accredited fully indemnified contractors:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Block management
  • Gardens
  • Tenanted
  • Vacant management
  • Pre – tenancy preparation
  • Owner occupied
  • Concierge services
  • Property PA

Presentation Service

Presentation is the key to success for your valuable asset and always gives it the edge in a highly competitive market place.

Good maintenance, alongside keeping the kitchen, appliances, and bathrooms up to date are important factors to property presentation. Additionally, regular repainting and recommended, and of course is something we are happy to organise as part of our management service.

The interior dressing of the property for marketing is the real cherry on the cake. Statistics show a well-presented property has more click-throughs from a website and translates into more footfall and viewings. Which usually leads to a lesser void period and a let or sale at a higher price.

Whether you wish to let or sell your property on a furnished or unfurnished basis is an important consideration that we can guide on if you wish. Dressing the property for photography is vital however – Bare walls and floors lack appeal when viewing on a website and therefore staging the scene is essential to success.

Buying or hiring furniture from professional staging companies are a good idea, using a trusted interior designer also is important but can be a costly route. Additionally, SW Residential also use a professional studio to add CGI imagery for rooms, which has proven to be very successful in leading to a quicker letting or sale. Meanwhile, cutting out the frequent downside of potential un-furnishing should the tenant wish to bring their own goods. It gives the client the best professional marketing shots as well as the ultimate flexibility without the risk of unnecessary expenses.

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